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CoRCon 2023 Pre-Conference - Sunday, June 11, 12pm-5pm

Care for Yourself, Too

When Training and Reality Collide:
The Lewis and Clark High School
Officer-Involved Shooting

Twenty years ago, Daniel Waters and Sean Fitzpatrick were on opposite sides of an armed standoff at a high school. Together at the CoRCon 2023 Pre-Conference, Waters, now a Spokane Police Department Lieutenant, and Fitzpatrick, once a student who was struggling with an undiagnosed mental illness, collaboratively describe their thoughts and actions that day, plus their recovery in the time since. This case study goes beyond tactics and dives into layered perspectives which offer poignant lessons in empathy and prolonged incident response.

Stay in the Fight:
Dealing with Compassion Fatigue
and Burnout

Arthur “Richie” Plunkett, once a Division 1 lineman, tackles compassion fatigue and burnout in the co-response field. Plunkett grew up around substance use and experienced several traumatic events back to back, including the death of a close friend, and a tough revelation about his own future. Plunkett, a clinician-turned-officer, is now part of the Spokane Police Department's Behavioral Health Unit. The lessons from his story will not only help you identify burnout in yourself and others, but also point you toward the most appropriate resources to meet related needs.

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